Illustration af kvinder, der løfter vægt og er stærk

Pole exercise makes you strong

Pole fitness has become a popular and recognized form of exercise over the last twenty years. Today, it is also an internationally recognized sport that has ambitions to get to the Olympics. There is now a lot of international competitions, and here in Denmark we have, among other things, Danish Nationals, which are held once a year.

Pole fitness has become popular because it combines strength with flexibility and acrobatics with creativity. Doing acrobatic exercises on a vertical bar is surprisingly good – and fun – training. Do you want to experience on your own body how pole tricks, spins and flips can make you strong? Then you can book a trial lesson right here:

In pole fitness you train with your own body weight

As you can probably sense in the picture here, pole fitness is a training for the whole body. Upper body, core and legs are working.

To perform advanced pole tricks, it requires strength in all the major muscle groups and strength in the smaller muscle groups to create stability around the joints, especially the wrist. In addition to strength, pole fitness is also about technique.

Pole fitness is a functional workout where you train with your own body weight. Just climbing up the pole requires strength and technique – especially if it is to look elegant. If you put the various tricks together into a flow, you also get your heart rate up and incorporated cardio into your training. For the same reason, many pole dancers say they are in the best shape of their lives.

Are you going to join? We find that many hold back because of three myths that we dispel down the page here.

Myth #1

Pole fitness is only for the young and slim people

We often encounter this myth, so let’s start by eliminating it right away:

Pole fitness is for EVERYONE.

All kinds of bodies and all kinds of ages – for example, we have members from 16 years and up to 45 years, and there are pole dancers in the 60s who win pole competitions. No matter what you look like, it is good exercise for the body and a mental free space for the mind.

Three reasons why you come to do your workout every time


The workout is super fun

Forget about standing on the treadmill and looking alternately out the window and down at the timer on the display! When you train pole fitness, you forget all about time and place and have fun while your body trains. It is also a rather magical feeling when you succeed with a new trick and have become stronger.


We have a fantastic community

Although pole is an individual training journey adapted to your body, you train with others who go through the same challenges. At Pole Academy, we are grateful that together with our sweet members we have created a safe and nice environment and a great community.


It is mentally free space

The brain can really only focus on one thing at a time. Especially when we are hanging upside down or in one arm in the middle of a spin. For many of our members, pole fitness is a much-needed break from everyday life and a mental free space that provides energy, laughter and joy.

Myth #2

You have to be strong before you start

Maybe you have seen pictures of pole artists hanging upside down in the pole and thought: “I will never could do that. I just have to go to the fitness center before I can start! ”

In fact, pole fitness is such a good workout in itself, that you pretty quickly develop the necessary strength and technique to be able to do many of the acrobatic tricks. We often find that our beginners are a little surprised at how fast it actually goes.

For the same reason, this is one of our core mottos:

You don’t have to be good to start, but you have to start to be good.

Build strength with these classes

At Pole Academy, we have provided a wide range of team types, all of which complement each other well, and which all in their own way help to give you the skills needed to become a skilled pole dancer. Join these three classes and get strong quickly:

Pole (level 1, 2 and 3)

If you only have the time or surplus to take on pole-technique-classes, do not despair. Training with the pole and your own body weight is training enough in itself to build strength for the many great tricks and spins.


In this class, there will be a focus on heart rate, fitness and strength training. Here you will build up extra strength so that your spins and tricks will be easier to perform for your pole technique class. Anyone can join.

High Pulse

High Pulse is a class with 30 minutes of effective training, which strengthens your muscle strength and fitness. There will be a minimum of breaks so you get the most out of your workout.

Myth #3

Pole fitness is for women only

Here’s another myth that it’s time to let go: pole fitness is for women only.

The idea may come from the time when you only associated pole dance with strip, but those days are long gone – aren’t they?

We have several men on our pole classes who enjoy building strength through pole fitness and dancing through pole dance.

Did you miss the time Danish Magnus Labbe gave the amazing performens like spiderman in ‘Denmark has talent’? Watch or rewatch the great show here.

Pole fitness

What is the difference between pole fitness and pole dance?

The words speak for themselves quite a lot. Pole dance has more focus on dance, where pole fitness has more focus on fitness. In connection with pole going and becoming a popular form of training, there were many who needed to distance themselves from the erotic part of pole dance, and the stigma that (unfortunately) can follow.

At Pole Academy you can do both, pole dance and pole fitness, and it’s up to you, whether your focus should be on hard tricks or sensual movements with or without heels.

Begin your pole journey here

Would you like to get strong through pole fitness? Remember, you can start by booking a trial class for DKK 50. See our prices under memberships, and sign up easily through our website. We look forward to training with you!