Do you have questions?

What kind of training clothes should I wear?

See types of classes here. Here you will find a description of the clothing required during every class. For all pole-classes in general you should always bring:

  • Short shorts and ordinary training clothes.
  • We generally train bare feet.
  • A cloth for wiping the poles.
  • A water bottle.

For the stretch classes it is a good idea to wear warm training clothes, as you will gain the most of the lesson, if your body is warm throughout the class, even in times where you lie still during stretches.

I am not strong. Can I start?

Everybody can start. There is a spot for everyone, no matter who you are, or how you look. You don´t need to be strong, when you start, but you will become strong if you start. Our Pole – Level 1 is a beginner class and here your basic strength is built up through training.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up here, where you can fill out the registration form. You are also welcome to sign up at the studio.

How do I terminate my membership?

Membership is ongoing until you resign, which means that the membership at no point will stop automatically. Even if you don´t actively make use of your membership, it does not exempt you from payment.

You can resign by writing an email to

The resignment cannot happen through cancellation of your direct debit service deal, and for security reasons you cannot resign by phone.

When resigning through e-mail to you must give your first and last name, your membership number, and an indication of that you want to terminate your membership. 

Please note that you upon termination of your membership, have a notice of the current month + one moth.

How do I put my membership on hold?

You can easily put your membership on hold by writing an email A start and an end date for the length of time must be specified. It costs 49 dkk. to put your membership on hold, which is a lump sum that must be paid at the same time as you pause your membership. You can put your membership on hold up to 6 month.

I am on a waiting list?

If you are on a waiting list, you don’t need to turn up at the studio, because you don’t have a spot on the team joining the class. You yourself must check the booking-app, whether you have a spot on the team, which you can see at the latest 3 hours before the class starts.  

If your name is on the waiting list but you still choose to turn up at the studio, then you will be prioritized if a spot on the team becomes available in case of somebody not showing up or is late for the class.

It is a good idea to make use of the waiting list system, as there is a good chance of getting a spot on the class!

How do I attend and unsubscribe from a class?

When you have signed up for a class you must make sure that the instructor registrates your attendance at the start of the class.

If you don’t make it in time to registrate your attendance before the start of the class, please note that your spot can be given to a person on the waiting list.

If you are prevented from joining a class, remember to unsubscribe from the class no later than 3 hours before, regardless of whether you are on the waiting list or have been given a spot.

If you don´t unsubscribe your class and don´t attend, you will be charged 49 ddk. In fee.

NOTE: Are you more than 10 min. delayed to your class, you will not be checked in and therefore applies as an absence. (49 ddk.)

Didn´t you get an answer to your question? Write to us and we will do our best to help.