Illustration af kvinder der strækker ud og er smidig

Flexibility training for pole dancers

A big and important part of pole dancing is flexibility. You can do alot pole dancing with a stiff body, but to achieve the more advanced tricks, it is necessary to build a greater movement in the body. Don’t worry, you can build that movement with us, because flexibility training is a natural part of our pole studio.

Unlike flexibility training elsewhere, our classes are composed and designed specifically for pole dancing. We therefore practice selected flexibility exercises, which aim to increase flexibility in especially the back, shoulders, hips and legs. In addition to making you more skilled at pole dancing, flexibility training is also good for body and mind. Meet us in the studio for a trial lesson, which you can book here:


Why should you train flexibility?

In addition to making it easier – and more elegant – to perform pole tricks, flexibility training helps prevent injuries, make your body healthy and your everyday life easy.

We tend to think of health as fitness and strength, but it is at least as important to stretch our muscles, tendons and ligaments. Stretching exercises help loosen up the soft tissue and give the body greater mobility, which ensures that we do not compensate for tension and thereby overload individual muscles. In this way, flexibility training helps to prevent injuries that can come from your training.

Being flexible is not only an advantage for the pole lesson, but also when you have to reach for something in everyday life – our members can at least always tie their own laces!

Flexibility requires patience

If you simply push through with your flexibility training, there is a risk of getting injured. Therefore, stretching is about patience and feeling into the body. We need to get to know the sensations of the body so that we can know the difference between an intense stretch and an intense pain. That’s easier said than done.

Also keep in mind that we all have different bodies (and injuries and ages and bone structures) and therefore you cannot compare your progress with others. But at the same time, you cannot avoid becoming more flexibility if you spend time on flexibility training. We help you become flexible at your very own pace.

From stretch to trick

The more skilled you become at pole dancing, the more flexibility tricks you will encounter. We mention some of them here.


From front split

As we train our front split, we become more proficient at these tricks:


  • Extended butterfly
  • Jade split
  • Bird of paradise
  • Russian split


From backend

Once we open up our shoulders and entire back, these tricks become accessible and easier to perform:


  • Bridge
  • Allegra
  • Superman
  • Crescent moon


From middle split

When we improve our middle split, we become more elegant in performing a wide range of tricks such as:


  • Straddle
  • Fan kick
  • Spatchcock
  • Tulip

Static stretches and dynamic stretches

What is the difference?

Static stretches are made without movement, and dynamic stretches are made while in motion.

Static stretches are effective at becoming more flexible, while dynamic stretches are good at increasing our speed and flexibility. We therefore focus on including both types of stretches in our flexibility training.


Flexibility training with us

Join our class “Flexy”, and become flexy with us. Our Flexy class is one hour of intensive flexibility training, where we focus on either back and shoulder, back bends and bridge, middle split and front split.

Join the class right after a more intense class – cooldown and, get stretched out and relaxed a bit before you go home. When you have to stretch, it is an advantage that you are well warm in the body. Of course, we always start with warming up, but an hour of pole dancing is even better warming up. In the cold months, we recommend that you wear extra clothes.

Each time, our instructors put together a program of stretching exercises that are effective and help you become a more skilled pole dancer. In addition, we always focus on safety and injury prevention, and therefore it is an advantage to reach out with an experienced instructor who guides you in the right technique and alignment. When you feel confident in the stretching exercises, you can also do them at home to achieve faster results.

Start your flexibility training here

Do you want to become more flexible? Remember, you can start by booking a trial lesson for DKK 50 and feel the atmosphere in the studio. See our prices under memberships and sign up easily through our website. We look forward to stretching with you!