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Your dance studio in Aarhus

Do you want to get in touch with yourself and your body? Do you want to learn to express yourself through your movements, while forgetting everything about time and place and only being present in the moment? Pole Academy is a dance studio in Aarhus, where you will find different styles of dance, all relate to pole dancing.

But is pole dancing really mostly training or dancing? The truth is, it’s both, and more importantly, it’s what you want it to be. You can choose whether you want to focus on tough acrobatic tricks in the air or choreography and movements on the floor. Visit our dance studio and learn to go from “elephant to elegant”. We look forward to seeing you!

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Dance studio with several dance styles

Pole dancing has over the years been combined with several different dance styles. You certainly know the sensual style, but you can also easily choose to combine pole dance with a more expressive style like modern dance.

In addition to strength training and flexibility training, we also offer dance in our dance studio. With us, you will find classes that focus on sensuality and incorporate dance moves from, for example, tease, chairdance, burlesque and twerk. At the same time, we offer modern dance, which is most often composed for choreography with and without the pole.

In our dance studio, we don’t dance for the sake of others, but for our own. Therefore, the primary focus is always, making it feel nice and delicious in your body. And if it does, then you’re doing it right.

For us, dance is a free space from everyday life, because we immediately step into the moment, feel ourselves and find our feminine side. We have created a community where there are no mistakes and where we always cheer on each other. We also call it concept dance and are offered by our skilled instructor, who is certified in strip fitness.

Our approach to dance

If it feels good, you're doing it right

Learn to dance with these classes

You will find a wide range of classes that teach you to dance on a pole, a chair and on the floor. We have team types that focus on getting in touch with themselves, possibly through sensual movements, and we have team types who focus on composing a choreography and, for example, get ready to do a pole show or participate in a pole competition. Read more about the classes here:


On our popular tease class, we put together delicious moves for a sensual choreography, where the focus is always on making it feel nice in your body. We dance in bare feet and alternate between dancing on the floor and on a chair.


Join our heels class and learn choreography designed for dancing in high heels. On this class, dance on the floor and on the pole, and we will recommend that you have been on a pole-level class 5-7 times before.


Learn to combine all the pretty tricks you learned on the pole class and the pretty moves you learned on the dance class. Here it’s all put together, and here the pole dancing gets really fun! On the class we dance with and without heels and on spin and static pole.

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Bachelorette party in our dance studio?

We love to have bachelorette parties with dance in focus. Even though we are a pole dance studio, we often also arrange bachelor parties, where the dance takes place exclusively on the floor and without the pole.

Should your bride or groom be pampered with a lot of fun with twerk, sensual burlesque or seductive lap dance, then you have come to the right place. Read much more about bachelorette parties here.

Begin your dance journey here

Are you going to join our dance studio – and dance community? We offer trial lessons for DKK 50, where you get the opportunity to meet us and feel the atmosphere in the studio, before you sign up. Read more about prices and memberships below. We look forward to dancing with you!