Terms and Conditions

General information about membership

The following terms and conditions apply to your membership of the Pole Academy per. March 1, 2019. All prices, fees and the like will always be available on our website. Changes in prices and conditions may occur. You can read more about this below.

By creating a membership in Pole Academy, you accept, in addition to these terms and conditions, Pole Academy’s applicable personal data policy and rules. You also agree to receive notifications of changes to your terms of service by e-mail.

Your membership in Pole Academy is valid from the day of your enrollment, and will continue until terminated in accordance with the provisions below.

The membership is personal and must therefore not be used by anyone other than yourself. In the event of abuse of your membership, we may terminate your membership with immediate effect [or charge a fee as stated on our website].

If there is a change in your name, address, e-mail, telephone number or other information that you have provided when registering, you must notify Pole Academy immediately so that we can ensure that your membership can continue unchanged. You are responsible for ensuring that Pole Academy has your correct information at all times.


Changes to membership conditions and prices

Pole Academy may change the terms and conditions, fees and prices (including the price of your membership) on an ongoing basis with a minimum of 45 days notice before the change takes effect. Situations where such changes may occur are listed below. All changes will be notified by posting in the Pole Academy’s studio, and in some cases on our website.

The current prices, fees and the like can be found on Pole Academy’s website.

Changes in prices and fees may occur in the following situations:
– A discount agreement associated with your membership lapses.
– Pole Academy makes major investments to improve your user experience (eg hiring more staff, replacing and / or modernizing equipment and facilities, etc.)
– Prices are regulated as a result of market conditions and societal developments (eg increased costs and inflation, introduction of new regulatory requirements, adoption of new employee agreements, etc.)

The level of any price increases will be determined proportionately taking into account the increased costs of Pole Academy.

Changes to Pole Academy’s terms and conditions may occur in the following situations:
– This is necessary to ensure that the Pole Academy complies with the law
– New factual or private law matters necessitate a change in the terms

If you do not wish to continue your membership at the new price or under the new terms and conditions, you must terminate your membership in accordance with the notice of termination below. Please note that the notice period is one month plus one month.


Membership for minors

If you are under the age of 18 or incapacitated, in order to create a membership, you must attend Pole Academy’s study with your guardian or one of your parents. In connection with your registration, both parties must bring a valid ID. 

If you are a guardian or parent who registers a person under the age of 18, you guarantee the minor’s compliance with the membership conditions. 

You can only get a Pole Academy membership if your guardian or parent is the payer of your membership (the “Other Payer”). The Other Payer is liable for any claim that Pole Academy may have against you in relation to your membership.


It is your own responsibility as a member to register the payment and payment card to NETS. When establishing a cash membership, the amount is prepaid for the entire agreement period. When establishing a NETS membership, the agreement is registered with NETS, and payment is made for the rest of the month and one full month at the first payment / withdrawal. The benefit is deducted on the 1st of each month prepaid. 

In connection with registering payment to NETS, you will also be separately asked to accept NETS ‘terms and conditions. 

If the current benefit of NETS membership is not paid on time, you or the “Other Payer” will receive a reminder for the non-payment per. e-mail. Pole Academy can charge a reminder fee according to current rates, which appears on our website (DKK 100). If payment is not made before the stated due date, Pole Academy has the right to block your membership without notice so that you can not train. In addition, if the default continues, Pole Academy reserves the right to terminate your membership without notice and to charge other outstanding individuals immediately. You can not train or change in your membership if your membership is blocked or shut down until you have paid the full outstanding to the Pole Academy and presented documentation to that effect.

Pole Academy may independently or through a partner collect the outstanding amount, charge a fee (for rescheduling and late payment), as well as report bad payers to RKI in accordance with RKI’s applicable rules. The fee is set by Pole Academy or by our external partners. 

Upon termination of your membership and in the event of exclusion or expulsion, cf. below, all outstanding amounts in relation to the membership are due for payment immediately. 

If you do not wish to register for the payment and payment card to DIBS, an invoice will be sent monthly to the member’s e-mail, where a fee of (DKK 19) will be charged per. invoice.

Membership on hold

You can put your membership on hold, for up to 6 consecutive months. In this connection, you must state the start and end date of the suspension (“The suspension period”). For each pause period, a fee is paid according to the applicable rate, which appears on Pole Academy’s website (DKK 49). 

In special situations, Pole Academy may – on its own initiative or at its request – decide to deviate from the rules on dismissal. 


You can terminate your membership with a notice of one current month plus one month. The termination must be done by sending an e-mail to kontakt@pole-academy.dk or by filling out the contact form on Pole Academy’s website. The cancellation is only valid once Pole Academy has sent you a confirmation of termination.

You may not terminate your membership if it is on hold or before the expiration of any lock-in period.

Right of withdrawal

When creating a Pole Academy membership, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal from the day the membership was created. If the period expires on a public holiday, Saturday, Constitution Day, Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, the period is extended until the end of the first following working day. 

To make use of the right of withdrawal, you must contact Pole Academy via the contact form on our website or fill out the form below, and send it to us at the specified physical address or e-mail address. 

As a member, you must be able to prove that you have exercised the right of withdrawal if there is any doubt about this later. The right of withdrawal can not be used for repeated membership establishments within 2 years. 

If you exercise your right of withdrawal, Pole Academy has the right to demand proportionate payment for the period in which you have exercised your membership. Ie. that when exercising the right of withdrawal, you will not be reimbursed for expenses for the days you have already been able to use Pole Academy’s training since the creation of the membership. 

Default cancellation form: Click here to download the form.

Rules of order and instructions

When you train in the Pole Academy’s studio, it is expected that you follow the rules of order in force at any given time as well as any instructions from the staff. In the event of a breach of these terms and conditions, staff instructions or Pole Academy’s rules, Pole Academy may terminate your membership at any time with immediate effect.

Pole Academy may also exclude you from membership for a shorter or longer period, as well as make a police report in connection with repeated or gross violations of our terms and conditions, or the rules in general. 


Personal injury: All training at Pole Academy’s studio is at your own risk. As a member, you are thus responsible for being in a state of health that allows participation in activities at Pole Academy. Pole Academy cannot be held liable for personal injury resulting from accidents or other visitors’ actions or omissions. In other respects, the general rules of Danish law on compensation apply. 

Loss and damage to property: We recommend that all items of value are not left unattended. Leftover or stored valuables in Pole Academy’s premises are at your own risk. Pole Academy can not be held responsible for losses due to loss (eg theft) or property damage.

Attendance and deregistration: You can unsubscribe from classes 3 hours before your class will start. If you are absent from the class, you will be charged a fee of DKK 49. Are you more than 5 min. delayed, you will not be checked in and therefore applies as an absence. (DKK 49)


Choice of law and venue

All purchases covered by these terms and conditions are subject to Danish law, except CISG (Convention on International Sale of Goods), unless otherwise stated in mandatory rules. Disputes that cannot be settled amicably must be decided by the Danish courts, unless otherwise stated in mandatory rules. 


You can always contact Pole Academy at kontakt@pole-academy.dk or via the contact form on our website. If you have not received an answer within 48 hours, we recommend that you call us at the telephone number provided on the website at all times.